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3. How to get your systems in place so you can simply and easily handle double your current volume.

4. The four things not to have in your next ad and the five things that MUST be there.

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6. How to avoid the big mistake that costs restaurant owners thousands of dollars a year.

7. How to hire and retain a superstar staff.

8. Why boring, traditional advertising is a Waste, how to avoid using it forever and how to quit becoming the prey of advertising reps.

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11. How to build and dramatically increase your catering and takeout business.

12. How to avoid price Competition all together.

13. How to find out who your best Customers are and how to get More just like them.

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15. How to have the successful restaurant you want and the life you deserve!

Pete Siviglia
Rutherfordton, NC
191 Prime
Christopher Saleh
Morrisville, NC
Neomonde Mediterranean Bakery Cafes
Greg Lewis
Cary, NC
Catering by Design
Dear Friend,

Being a Restaurant Owner isn't easy, not by a long-shot!

It doesn’t matter if you have a Full Service Restaurant, Quick Serve, Casual Dining, Fine Dining or Family Style. You're out there working long hard days performing back-breaking labor, and you're constantly being disappointed by “dead-beat” employees.

Are you working way too hard for way too little money?

Are you tired of working long hours every day and never having any money or free time left over to go out and enjoy life? 

​Are you sick and tired of wasting money on advertising that only brings in the bottom-feeding price shoppers?

​Is that 'word of mouth' advertising that you rely on leaving your business empty or not as full as you’d like?
Are you tired of riding that financial roller-coaster… busy one week, then wondering where all the business went the next?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions this FREE Report is for you! 

This report is a bit controversial, you may have heard about it, it has been featured in the NCRLA Newsletter, Charlotte Hospitality News,  many national publications and over 100 websites online. 

It is a bit controversial because for the first time an insider, independent restaurant owner reveals real strategies, usually reserved for the big multi unit chains, to easily and effectively grow sales and profit!
Had I Known... I Would Have Saved Over $3,500" ...
If I had known just one of the many powerful (yet simple) tools that Jonathan teaches back in last year, I would have saved over $3,500 just in paying a copywriter who didn't know how to write a restaurant business plan... not to mention the days I would have saved in pain, agony, and turmoil trying to get my plan in the right persons hands!

I have one recommendation for you. Follow in my footsteps and listen to every word Jonathan has to say and buy everything he offers. He is an extremely honest guy... and charges way, way less than he should. (In fact, if he takes my advice, his prices will be going up soon. What you learn from Jonathan will save you untold hours…and even better, WILL put money in your bank account."
Stan Marin
Raleigh, NC
“We have seen $8,000 to $10,000 in additional revenue each month.
I foresee even more growth in the coming months.”
I am a naturally motivated person, so after interacting with Jonathan I am ready to get to work to improve my business. I always feel like I know what to do, and where to go to improve my business after each call.

I have used Restaurant Success System as a blueprint for growth in my steakhouse. I have implemented many of the systems and strategies within their complete system, such as the rewards program, systems of checks to regulate performance, hire strategies, radio advertising, billboard leasing, and Facebook marketing. As a result of all of our efforts we have seen $8,000 to $10,000 in additional revenue each month. I foresee even more growth in the coming months.
Will Frost
Red River Steakhouses
McLean ,TX
Massive Catering Sales Growth
Jonathan, Thank you so much for taking the time to explain what it takes to run a great catering business. Your ability to stay organized while helping me generate massive sales growth is a great testament of how to run a business. At some point, I hope that I can establish the amount of passion and dedication that you show on a daily basis. Thank you once again for all your hard work and effort.
Christopher Ricks
Jason’s Deli
Raleigh & Durham, NC
“My Business Will Easily Double … Next Year”
Jonathan is not only bright, action-oriented, and one of the savviest business owners I know, but he is also fun to work with! I would conservatively estimate that his creative marketing ideas for my business will easily double the size of it next year. If you get a chance to work with him—take it!
Jackie Kelm
 Appreciative Living
Mount Pleasant, SC
What People Have to Say:
Mounir Saleh
Morrisville, NC
Neomonde Mediterranean Bakery Cafes
Sam Castillo
Waco, TX
La Fiesta Mexican Restaurants
Steve Vagasky
Raleigh, NC
My Chef Catering
Pay attention to what he has to say and you will be successful
“I am the Proprietor for 191 Prime in Rutherfordton NC. Jonathan has been down here giving us some fantastic ideas He has been wonderful at bringing things to the forefront of where we need to be going and were we are heading. Pay attention to what he has to say and you will be successful”
Pete Siviglia
191 Prime
Rutherfordton, NC
I really recommend you listen to anything he says
Just got out of a session with Jonathan and he's got really great advice; I really recommend you listen to anything he says. He’s given me some great ideas.
Peter Wright
4X Trading
South Africa
Terrific guy, really knows marketing
I am doing one on one coaching with Jonathan. One tip, while given with strong encouragement, has taken me from about 25% of the results I see to about 75% of the results I seek and not only that, but the increase is driving a whole new direction which will likely mean a 30% bump in revenue next year, plus more as time goes on. It's huge for me!

I have gained focus [critical to success], clarity, greater commitment to goals and plans. I have gained insight and strategies for growth that have been invaluable to me personally and professionally. Just knowing I am going to speak with Jonathan drives greater focus and action. His energy is infectious.

"Jonathan, Thank you for the spot on marketing advice you've given me. You truly have an uncanny way of pin pointing exactly what I need to do grow my business! I wish you worked right here in my office so I could pick your brain all day!"
Jay Henderson
Real Talent Hiring
Raleigh, NC
Thank you so much. I just really appreciate it.
I feel empowered and, and yes, I’ll say it again… You are BRILLIANT
I just got off the meeting with you and I am so pumped i just feel like we've got some real, gosh, steps that we can take we had all these ideas pages and pages of ideas sent. 

You really help to hone ‘em down to some very few ideas, clarify it, give us some simple steps. I have a tendency to be creative and complicated and you allowed me to kinda get to the essence of these with some very good ideas, … 

I'm taking all of these notes and I'm going to sit down and rework our plans with this, so thank you so much. I just really appreciate it. I feel empowered and, and yes, I’ll say it again… You are BRILLIANT, Thank you!
Jessica Lloyd-Rogers
Coastal Lake News
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